About Green Dot

Picture an image in your mind, this image that has been displayed countless times on movies, TV shows, and commercials. The image of numerous tiny red dots populating a US map at an epidemic pace. The map begins with a few red dots initially but gradually the spread and coverage of the red dots quickens exponentially until the entire map is unmistakably red.

Introducing Red Dots

Now imagine a map of our home, Florida State University. Every single red dot is an instance when an individual chose to commit an act of power based personal violence (Power Based Personal Violence- an act of violence that primarily seeks to assert power, control, or intimidate someone. This includes relationship abuse, rape/sexual assault, stalking, etc). A red dot is a moment in time where an action, choice, behavior or word that contributes toward the culture of power based personal violence in any way, shape, or form. The time it takes to hit someone, make someone feel unsafe, or even walk away and chose to do nothing when someone is knowing being hurt are each red dots.

Introducing Green Dots

Now envision a single green dot on that same map of Florida State University. That single green dot is just an instance when someone performed an act, spoke a word, or made a choice that opposes the culture of power based personal violence. A green dot making sure a friend gets home safe, changing your email signature to make it known that power based personal violence is intolerable on campus, or simply talking with friends about the problem that power based personal violence poses in our community. Each green dot is simply that moment when anyone choses to say no to the current culture of power based personal violence. Little by little, the goal of Green Dot is to outnumber red dots on our envisioned map and effectively change campus culture. Are you ready? If so, add your green dot to our campus map.

What Is Your Green Dot?

Click on the map’s Green Dots to see what is happening right here at Florida State. Tell us about a Green Dot you have done in the form to the right (below on mobile devices). Make sure to provide a general location in the form so we can add your Green Dot to the campus map.

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