Support, Response, and Prevention

Florida State University does not tolerate sexual violence. We continue to actively and aggressively provide institution-wide programs and services to educate our students and university community on responsible conduct, the meaning of consent, how to properly report cases of sexual misconduct, and how to hold individuals accountable for their behavior. The kNOw MORE sexual violence prevention initiative is about action, education, and the continuum of care for our students, faculty, and staff.

Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual violence (rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, & stalking), and all other forms of sex discrimination are violations of federal law, University policy and contrary to the University’s values. Florida State recognizes the dignity and worth of each person.

Read the University’s Title IX Statement (PDF)

Florida State handles sexual misconduct complaints sensitively and discretely; we are all responsible for providing a supportive environment for those in need and for reporting misconduct. If you have experienced sexual misconduct or know someone who has, FSU is committed to providing support and resources to assist.

Most University employees including faculty and supervisors are required to report sexual misconduct to University administrators. If you are unsure whether someone can maintain complete confidentiality ask them before you give details about your situation.

Report an Incident