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Green Dot: Bystander Intervention @ FSU

Upcoming Trainings

FSU Green Dot Bystander Trainings empower students to discover ways to be active bystanders and create a community that does not tolerate violence. Join us for a fun and interactive day of learning how we can be reactive and proactive in ending power based personal violence in our community. Prizes will be provided.

Thursday, October 13th – 9AM to 12PM
Friday, October 21st – 1PM to 4PM
Sunday, November 13th – 1PM to 4PM

Register Here for Students

FSU Green Dot Faculty and Staff Bystander Trainings are open to all university staff, faculty, and administration. This training will focus on ways that faculty and staff can help to eliminate power based personal violence in our community and support those who have experienced it.

There are currently no trainings scheduled for faculty and staff.


(For more information about upcoming trainings contact Nell Robinson.)

Green Dot is a bystander intervention initiative that recognizes that most people care about the high prevalence of power based personal violence but don't have the tools to know how to be part of the solution. Green Dot seeks to change the culture by activating people that may not have been directly impacted by power based personal violence. We recognize that power based personal violence prevention is everyone's responsibility.

The initiative uses the concept of Green Dots (actions taken to eliminate/prevent Red Dots) displacing Red Dots (potential/real acts of violence). Actions can be reactive-responding to a Red Dot in the moment, or proactive- preemptively demonstrating a Green Dot. According to the CDC, this program has a greater than 50 percent reduction in frequency of sexual violence perpetration and has been implemented at Vanderbilt, University of Virginia, and University of Kentucky.

Source: Coker, Ann L., Cook-Craig, Patricia G., Williams, Corrine M., Fisher, Bonnie S., Clear, Emily R., Garcia, Lisandra S., & Hegge, Lea M., (2011). Evaluation of Green Dot: An Active Bystander Intervention to Reduce Sexual Violence on College Campuses. Violence against Women. 17(6): 777-796

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