Title IX and Pregnancy

  • Title IX’s prohibition against discrimination based on sex, includes discrimination against pregnant students in university programs and activities. FSU has policies in place to comply with Title IX and to provide accommodations to pregnant students to ensure they can continue their education without discrimination.

Reasonable Accommodations

  • Florida State University is committed to providing a supportive environment for all students, including those who are pregnant or experiencing pregnancy-related conditions. Florida State University will provide reasonable accommodations to students on a case-by-case basis. Accommodations may include excused absences, deadline extensions, make-up work, and temporary modifications to academic requirements, depending on the student's needs and circumstances.
  • Pregnant students at FSU should contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Office of Student Accessibility Services to request accommodations and to receive guidance on available resources and support options.

Pregnancy Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

For questions, please contact Terri Brown, Title IX Coordinator at